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    Our pricing is listed below.  We offer a la carte pricing, not packages.  This way,  you get exactly what you want. 


    All rentals include:

    • Set up 30 minutes prior to the specified start time (booth is fully operational for the time rented)
    • Break down immediately after the end time
    • Unlimited photo sessions and photo strips.  Each person in every session will get a photo strip.
    • Choice of color or black & white pictures
    • Use of props
    • Full time attendant for the entire rental time
    • Personal heading or custom logo



    Weddings, Corporate, Mitzvah and Other Events

    • $600 for the first two hours
    • $150 for each additional hour


    Non-Profit/School Events

    We understand that non-profit organizations and schools have restricted budgets.  This is why we offer a discounted price.  Sponsorships are a great way for non-profit organizations to add some photo booth entertainment to your fundraising event.  Ask us how.  Non-profit and school rates do not apply for any major holiday.  

    • $500 for the first two hours
    • $150 for each additional hour



    • $150 Guestbook Service - includes photo book and CD of all photos taken and an online gallery.  We provide a second attendant to manage the guestbook process completely.  
    • $50 CD only of photos, includes online gallery
    • DIY Guestbook option - $25 per hour.  We print an extra copy of the photo strip - you provide the guestbook, supplies, table and someone to oversee it (if necessary).
    • Additional time can be purchased on site for $175 at the discretion of the operator.  If they don't have an event right afterwards, there is a good chance that you will get another hour of photo booth fun!
    • Need us to setup before the normal set up time or wait a while to breakdown after your event?  Not a problem.  An idle hour fee of $40 per hour is charged if you need us to set up more than 30 minutes before our start time or break down later than our end time.  We understand that the flow of the event is of utmost importance to you. 

    •  A mileage fee of $1.50 per mile may apply to your event location.  Contact us to find out if this applies to your event.